The Roadster

a luxury urban e-bike with unrivalled features

The Roadster eBike is designed from the ground up to solve all the problems facing a modern rider, without compromising on style.

Designed for Safety

Safety is our first priority and integrated throughout the Roadster:

Soft, wide all-weather tyres that grip in the wet and avoid getting caught in cracks.

Bright auto-starting and always-on front and rear LED lights. 

Low centre-of-gravity for a stable ride.

Front motor and rear gear-hub that creates an all-wheel-drive for wet roads and light trails.

Integrated security makes thieves lives a whole lot harder.

To start with, a keyless Quicktether cable lock combines with an audible alarm and anti-theft seat post to prevent an easy steal.

If the thief is persistent, the app-connected GPS enables easy tracking while the advanced central-locking prevents them from removing the battery or starting the bike. 

On top of that, our cloud based electric vehicle identification number (eVIN) registration system makes the bike very difficult to resell because they can’t transfer ownership. 

Quality As Standard

At Tiller, we don't do 'the bare minimum'. To create the highest value for money, sustainable mobility solution, quality had to be standard.

For example, we've used almost 100% stainless steel and aluminium parts, a long lasting low-maintenance belt drive, puncture resistant tyres, leather grips, vacuum formed seamless seat and CREE LED lights…

The list goes on, and so will your Roadster.

Australians taking on the world

The Roadster eBike was designed and engineered in our headquarters in Perth, Australia. It is made on a dedicated production line at our top notch manufacturing partner in China.

We can’t wait to take the business global and show the world what a small group of dedicated Australians can do.

Your peace of mind warranty

Your Roadster eBike comes with a 2-year or 20,000km warranty – even if you bought the Roadster second hand.



One-size-fits-most design1.53m (5ft) to 1.93m (6 ft 4) with mid step-over.


25kg including all integrated accessories.


36V 756Wh (21Ah) made with Samsung/Panasonic or LG Cells provides 80km range on full-assist.Smart Battery Management System with 6-8 hour charge time.

Motor and Assist

Torque sensor assist via quiet 250W Bafang front hub motor creates effective All-Wheel-Drive


50-622 (28 x 2.0) puncture resistant all weather shock-absorbing balloon tyres.

Anti Theft System 

Keyless and App (iOs & Android) connected alarm and GPS anti theft system with 800mm cable lock.


Auto-starting always-on LED lights with front beam and rear auto-acting brake light.

USB Charging Outlet

USB-C phone charging outlet.

Grease Free Drive

Greaseless Gates low maintenance belt drive with 5 speed grip-shifted hub gears.

Rear Carrier

60kg load rated rear carrier. Sturdy retracting double stand for easy loading.


Vacuum formed cushy seat with 350mm vertical and 80mm for-aft adjustment and anti-theft seat post.


Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear.



The benefits of riding an eBike are many, so we are going to break it down into three broad topics:


Wellbeing & Fitness

With an eBike, you experience the benefits of riding a traditional bike -  such as being out in the fresh air, fitness improvements and ease of manoeuvring around town - plus the added bonus of electric assistance for those times you need extra power.  Tiller Rides uses torque sensor assistance technology, meaning the electric assist applies smooth power that feels like a natural extension of your riding effort.

Feeling tired or travelling to a meeting and don’t want to work up a sweat? Amp up the assist level to reduce your required effort. Riding home from work and want some exercise? Turn down the assist and get moving!  


Time and Budget

An eBike is powered by electricity - not petrol - which alone represents a huge financial saving for many - especially when charged from home solar power.  It can be parked securely nearly anywhere, removing the hassle and costs of inner city parking. 

If you drive your car to work, sit in traffic most of the way and struggle to find a parking bay, or catch a crowded bus or train, swapping to a Tiller Rides Roadster could make your journey quicker, cheaper, more convenient and more enjoyable.



You only need to ride a Roadster e-bike 1000 kilometres instead of driving a small car before you save enough greenhouse gases to offset the emissions associated with the entire lifecycle of the bike. If you charge your Roadster with solar power or clean electricity from your electricity provider the environmental benefits are even greater.

Tiller Rides Roadsters are designed and engineered in Perth, Western Australia and manufactured at world-leading facilities near Shenzhen in China. Our manufacturing partners have been carefully selected for their proficiency and expertise at producing the Roadster's parts with scale, precision and attention to detail.


The Roadster use a Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt ("NMC") battery.  It's cells are LG MJ1s. 

Fun fact: These are the battery cells used by NASA for their space missions - making them the best all rounder battery in and out of this world!

There has been some general confusion around Lithium Ion batteries and if they are good or bad. This stems in part from the fact that "Lithium Ion" has become a catch phrase that encompasses a wide range of battery chemistries, from our NMC battery to Lithium Ion Phosphate ("LFP") batteries. 

As this study shows, each type of Lithium Ion chemistry performs differently.  The LFP, for example, performs better with Safety, but underperforms for Cost, Specific Energy, and Specific Power.  Our NMC battery performs consistently across all metrics - Safety, Cost, Specific Energy, Specific Power, Life Span, and Performance. 

When the anti-theft system is armed the battery is electronically locked into your bike. It’s like central locking in a car!

No, if the battery goes flat the alarm, GPS and all connectivity will cease working. If this happens you will need to charge the battery while still in the Roadster to bring it back to life.


The Roadster doesn’t really have on and off - it has Sleep and Armed mode.

To put your Roadster to sleep, you press and hold the power button (Button 1) once you have finished riding. In this mode the power usage is minimal because the Alarm system is not active. While this mode saves power it also makes the Roadster less secure.

To ensure maximum security, if you don’t put your Roadster to sleep manually, it will automatically Arm itself after a few minutes of being idle.

Tiller Rides Roadsters have a 250W motor with three levels of assist (and off). The power assist cuts out at 25 kilometres/hour, as per the requirements of the Australian and European design standards. You can always go faster than 25km/hour down a hill or under your own pedal power.

The Roadster weighs around 25kg including all features and attachments.  The battery weighs about 5kg, and can be removed for easier lifting and transport.    

The relatively light weight of the Roadster has been achieved through careful engineering of the aluminium frame (just 3.5 kg) and the other components (mostly aluminium).

Monocoque frames debuted in the car-racing industry. This type of frame enabled racecars to be both very strong and have a streamlined, efficient and visually pleasing form.

Tiller Rides is the first company in the world to take this innovation and apply it to the traditional bike. It allows us to create a frame that is strong, stylish, and hollow - allowing it to house the extensive features discreetly. 

The light-weight, aeroplane-grade aluminium monocoque frame safely houses a removable battery, alarm and GPS tracking electronics, Quicktether cable lock, integrated display, lights, motor controller and all cabling.


We currently have LAZER helmets, bike bags/panniers, Thule child seat/carrier, rear baskets and phone holders available in store.

The accessories that Tiller Rides plans to develop or add to the range soon includes:

- Tiller Rides designed front carrier

- Electric Pumps

- ABUS Combination Folding / D-Lock

- Tube Repair sealant

- Panniers​