Your support and servicing questions answered…. hopefully? 


The Roadster has been designed to keep maintenance as minimal as possible, however there will be different components of the Roadster that will need attention due to gradual wear and tear. 

Refer to the Rider manual for an in depth recommendation on servicing for specific parts.

Many of the parts of the eBike, such as tyres and brake pads, can be serviced by any bike shop. 

For complex servicing, the Western Australian service centre is located in Perth, WA. Western Australian buyers outside the Perth metropolitan area are required to return their electric bike to this location should any major servicing be required.

Tiller Rides service centres will be set up in other major capital cities soon. Up until those centres are established, servicing will be performed by trained service partners, by shipping assemblies or by returning your bike back to the nearest Tiller Rides service centre.

We are also in the early stages of establishing a Rider Network that will  enable riders to find other nearby riders who are experienced in performing simple service procedures and arrange to have them perform the service.

Spare parts

The Quicktether cable is designed to be easily replaced in the event that it is cut. We've built the internal mechanism in a way that you could do it yourself, however we can also assist with it. We will be selling replacement cables online soon, but if you need one ASAP we have them available in our warehouse.

The electronics

If your Roadster isn’t turning on, there may be a few reasons this is happening.  Please try the following:

Press and hold the POWER button (Button 1) on the control switch for 3 seconds.

If no response, check to ensure the Battery Pack is completely inserted into the Roadster correctly. 

This can be done by visually inspecting the battery alignment dots on the battery & frame.

Check to see if the battery is holding a charge.

To do this, plug the charger into the battery while it remains in the Roadster and turn the charger on at the wall. If the LED on the charge goes RED, the battery is charging. Leave plugged in until the LED turns GREEN

If the battery is full and is correctly inserted into the Roadster, repeat Step 1.

If the Roadster is still unresponsive, please contact Tiller or a Tiller Authorised Service Technician.

Check that the motor cable connectors are inserted correctly on the Driveside of the Fork. 

If the Roadster is still unresponsive, please contact Tiller or a Tiller Authorised Service Technician.


Yes. Cost of a spare battery is $700.

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Need more help?

If you can't find the answer you need in the DIY information above, please contact us via one of the channels below. 

We are a lean and keen startup team, so it may take 2-3 business days for you to receive your reply, but we will do our best to get you riding happy ASAP!

Phone Support

0497 711 263

In Person Support

Tiller HQ - 1 Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle, 6160