Minderoo and Tattarang

Acknowledgement of Risk

To ride the Roadster, it is necessary that you read and confirm acceptance of the Acknowledgement of Risk. Once completed, you will receive the security code to unlock the Roadster and login details for the Tiller App.

Change your ride, not your lifestyle

Escape the impacts of fuel price fluctuation and public transport costs, and minimise transit time in traffic. Breeze past on your Roadster and spend your spare time the way you want to.  

Don’t let your ride determine your look: we’ve built the Roadster with alow-maintenance grease-free belt drive, removing any danger of your clothes getting snagged or oily. Save the sweat and tears for another day too. With80km of full power pedal-assist, you don’t need to break a sweat on your ride.

We don't do the 'bare minimum'.

We’ve kept all the good stuff on the inside of the Roadster’s monocoque frame, including all the extras, that won’t cost you extra.

Think in-built security, integrated lights, long range battery and USB charging port.

Integrated security system with alarm and GPS tracking, and integrated, keyless locking with our Quicktether cable lock.

Our security connects to our purpose-built Tiller App, allowing you to hold the security of your Roadster in the palm of your hand, be notified if your bike is moved while locked, and always track its location.

Feel the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face every day. Improve your mental and physical health withdaily movement, andtrack your impactthrough the Tiller App. Check the km travelled and emissions saved each ride. 

Minderoo and Tattarang employees save $500 on any Roadster order.

Make every day 'ride to work' day

Enter the code MINDEROO500 at checkout to redeem this exclusive deal. 

Tiller Rides Roadsters are available for Pre-Order now, with bikes arriving within 4-6 weeks of ordering.

Order now, cover a $500 deposit and pay the rest before your bike arrives. 

Payment plans also available with Humm.

Inbuilt Alarm with GPS tracking via App | Keyless Quicktether cable lock | Centrally locked battery | Anti-theft seat post

80km long range battery (onfull assist)

Retractable double stand | sturdy Rear Carrier for up to 60 kg

Grease-free belt drive and gears | smooth and quiet torque-sensor assist 

Safety first with integrated auto-starting front & rear LED lights

Stylish, pressed aluminium monocoque frame | 25kg total weight, including all accessories

Our Story

When starting out Tiller Rides, we considered the frustrations that come with a commute by bike, but we also saw much bigger problems facing the world and its cities: car congestion, declining health and wellbeing and expanding environmental footprints.

We’ve created an e-bike that doesn’t endanger the convenience of our commute, saves your spare change as well as our shared environment, and looks good while doing it.

Where it becomes your story

The Tiller Rides Roadster is made for modern life, by people who are living it. You won’t be riding a bike, you’ll be riding the change it makes in your life.