Tab- Earn via referrals

At Tiller we imagine a future where people move through cities in ways that are good for the planet and good for them and the Roadster is our first big step towards achieving this vision

But we can’t realise this vision alone - so we are building a community of Riders who are inspired to be part of a movement to make it a reality. A key role of Rider community members is to introduce others to Tiller and the Roadster. 

To support and encourage new riders to connect with a Rider community member instead of just connecting with Tiller, we provide a $75 two way referral fee. That’s $75 for both the current Rider community member and any new person that buys a Roadster as a result of being introduced by them. 

For pre-order customers this means both people get $75 off the final balance (it can’t be applied to the deposit). If you are a Rider who already has your Roadster you get $75 cash once the new rider pays the final balance and receives their Roadster. 

Referral fees are also stackable - so there is no limit to how many people you can engage. If you successfully refer about 54 people, your Roadster will be FREE ... yes Free!

A new customer can claim a referral by entering a referral code during the online buying process. To make it simple, the referral code is the Referrer’s mobile phone number.

For more detail on the Referral system mechanics please see the Pre-Order Terms and Conditions.