Sales Consultant

(Desirable: Servicing / Marketing experience)

Employment Type: Part time or Casual, up to 35 hours per week.

Salary: A competitive hourly rate or package will be offered to the right person


Tiller Rides is a Fremantle-based startup leading the clean urban mobility revolution with its Australian designed product, the Roadster eBike. We recently became part of the larger Electro Ventures group, which innovates electric mobility in the air, on the water and on land. We are now looking for superstars who love connecting to people and want to be part of realising our vision of clean mobility for everybody.


You will mainly interact with customers, representing the company in a poilite, friendly and approachable manner. Customer engagement is crucial, conversing about their previous experiences on ebikes, their lifestyle, how our product may benefit them and suitability based on their needs. Through the history of Tiller, allowing potential customers to experience the product through test rides has proven to be an effective sales method, so you will also facilitate the booking, instructional handover and return process. The collection of potential customer information will assist you in the overall sales process, and records are to be kept for continuity of customer interactions.

For your greatest chance of success within this role, we are looking for candidates who have an interest in urban micro-mobility, sustainable living, improvements to our environmental impact or healthier lifestyle choices. Although not entirely necessary, an interest in these areas will grow your passion for the product and the lifestyle that it enables.

The key will be to have a self-driven approach and effective communication methods to actively seek new opportunities if none have been presented.

This will require you to work in collaboration with marketing to assess and achieve business goals.

There is additional flexibility in working hours and possible roles to expand into based on your experience or capacity to do so. Between marketing, servicing, support and administration duties, there are opportunities for staff to transition into areas they excel at; growing personally and within the company.



  • Engaging with new and existing customers on products available

  •  Learning the products, bundles and promotions offered by the company.

  •  Growing your knowledge of the specifications, technical, and operational information of the main product.

  •  Assisting customers through the booking process for rentals and test rides.

  •  Performing handovers and pickups from test rides and rentals.



  •  Creating content for social media and marketing campaigns

  •  Organising and attending promotional events in the Perth metropolitan area.

  •  Creating marketing campaigns to find and convert more customers

  •  Researching potential leasing and sales opportunities through partnerships or tourism/retail outlets.

  •  Analyse market trends, competitor developments and assess potential growth opportunities.


    As much as degrees, certifications and experience are preferred, prospects are still available for a candidate with the right attitude and work ethics.In saying this though, we imagine someone with the following qualifications, skills, and experience could hit the ground running.

    Relevant Qualifications:

    • Experience: Time within sales or customer-facing professions is required to ensure candidates are capable of conducting the tasks required, as well as the mettle to remain calm and collected in uncomfortable social interactions.

    • Currently studying or holding a degree in communication, business development marketing or advertising. Other degrees considered.

    • Experience: 2 or more years in a similar role.

    • Communication: You will need to have excellent communication skills across all mediums (verbal, written, image, and video).

    • Customer Service: Able to communicate clearly and emphatically with a diverse customer base at all stages of considering a purchase.

    • Creative Thinking: Able to come up with ideas on improving sales strategy and results.

    • Project Management: Ability to manage small projects from inception to completion.

    • Time Management: Punctual, organised and able to prioritise tasks based on their urgency and importance.

    • Data Collection: The ability to gather and interpret data, analyse and formulate reports where necessary.



      • Results focused: Can-do attitude who knows how to hit sales targets and KPIs.

      • Passion: You must be inspired by our vision and mission, and feel some level of personal commitment to bringing it to fruition.

      • Team Player: You can work well in a team environment and believe that collaboration creates the greatest results.

      • Initiative/Self-starter: Team members must be self-starters, confident in taking initiative to do what is needed to achieve the required results. If you don’t know how to do it yet you will try to work it out.

      • Desire to Excel: We are in the pursuit of excellence in all that we do here.


        • A strong sense of purpose by playing a key role in the clean urban mobility revolution.

        • Autonomy and the freedom to be creative and innovate - we love thinking outside the box!

        • Being part of a growing, passionate, hard-working team. It’s not easy work, but achieving the vision is rewarding and there's always lots to celebrate!

        • Opportunity to hone your communication skills and the art of relationship building.

        • Competitive pay package - we are prepared to pay for great performers.

        • Flexibility - we know 9-5 isn’t for everyone; we offer flexible work hours and location if that’s what you need/want in order to get the desired results.


        HOW TO APPLY 

        If the opportunity to join the Tiller Rides crew excites you and you fit the criteria, please email your cover letter and CV to with the subject line I'm sold! and containing the following information:

        If you have any questions about the role, please email or call 0497 711 263.