Our Mission

To be a catalyst for change, inspiring people to move in a way that is better for the planet, their health, and their wellbeing.

As a purposeful movement company, we are devoted to helping Urban Dwellers contribute to the overall wellbeing of the world by reimagining how they move through it.

Rethinking Urban Mobility

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Human connection is fundamental to our wellbeing - and movement is integral to building connection. We develop urban mobility that enables us to connect without impacting others or nature.

Moving with Purpose

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By fostering connection of people to themselves, to their human communities, and to the larger community of all life who share this one planet we all call home.

two women riding ebikes along south perth foreshore with perth cbd skyline in the background

To a Cleaner Future

We don’t just want to improve the overall wellbeing of the world today, but for generations to come.

Join the Community

When you purchase a Tiller Ride Roadster, you are not simply buying an eBike: you are joining a movement.

Over the next few years we will create a host of opportunities for Riders to be involved in Tiller Rides beyond just owning one of our products.