Delivery & Shipping

Delivery Estimates

The delivery lead time on the Roadster eBike currently depends both on style and location.  There is a longer lead time for orders outside of WA, and we’d like to take a minute to explain why. 

We are a small company with big goals for a micromobility revolution. When you choose to #ridethereinstead and click “check out”, our relationship doesn’t end; rather, it is just beginning.  We want you to be confident in your purchase and absolutely love your Roadster eBike for years to come - and accessible service and support is key for that.  

We are in the process of establishing service and support centres on the East Coast of Australia, and our goal is to have those up and running just as your eBikes are getting delivered.  While we do perform comprehensive quality control checks on every eBike we make, sometimes things happen and we want to be there for you when you need us. 

We will update this page regularly with delivery estimates. 



Delivery lead time

Est. delivery month

Western Australia


2 months



In Stock


Rest of Australia


6 months

March - April


6 months

March - April


If you live outside of WA and want your bike sooner (i.e., willing to ride before servicing centres are available), please contact us directly to discuss options.



Shipping Costs

We currently ship all our Roadsters from our Fremantle, WA warehouse.  Prior to shipping, each bike will be quality checked by our in-house engineering and support team before being re-packaged and sent directly to you.  

Shipping costs are as follows:




Pick up in Fremantle


Perth Metro


Rest of Australia