Save today, pay tomorrow


Tiller Rides is now offering a Ride-to-buy lease plan offer, where-by you can purchase a new Tiller Roadster on a payment plan to take immediate advantage of transport savings, and use your savings to cover the cost of owning your very own Tiller Roadster!

To order a Roadster with a Ride-to-buy lease from Tiller, simply request a quick consult from one of our team members, we'll set up your desired payment plan and set you up with your brand new Tiller Roadster.

12 month lease plan - $79.99 per week

24 month lease plan - $39.99 per week

Ride-to-buy payments are to be made 1 month in advance, with the first month up front, with no additional fees or balloon payments other than the weekly payment amounts, providing the payment plan is maintained.


Complete the below form to request a Ride-to-buy payment plan

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The Tiller Rides Ride-to-buy offer is available to any approved applicant in Australia. Payments are to be made monthly, maintaining 1 month in advance. Failure to maintain payments may result in the bike being de activated remotely. Automatic debit payments are made via the Stripe payment platform after the initial 1 month deposit is received. Shipping costs and accessories costs are not included in Ride-to-buy payments and must be purchased up front.



I opted for the Tiller Rides Roadster because its design reminded me of a ‘classic’ commuter and ageless, its security features, the distance it could travel and its comfort.

Don Fini
Sustainability Consultant

I went for a Roadster because of the awesome design and safety features. Every time I ride it someone comments about how it looks and asks where did I get it from. It is so good to ride!

Alex Gray

When looking for an eBike I didn’t want to have to remember 20 things when running out the door. I love the Roadsters inbuilt features that make it easy to leave the house quickly. The Roadster is also fun to ride and I now ride much more often - it’s been really life changing.

DR Samantha Hall
Founder, Spaces Alive. Curtin University Board Member

I was totally sold on the Roadster when I did the test ride. I had ridden eBikes on holidays in Europe and found them tricky when starting and stopping. The bikes were too heavy and once unassisted by pedalling, they became very heavy. The Roadster has perfect balance at all times and is a dream to ride. I have taken my bike to Italy and everyone here is amazed

Jennifer Gherardi
Business Owner, Filmmaker, Chair - Augusta Bendigo Bank

I chose a Tiller Rides Roadster because its thoughtful design has eliminated many of the barriers that were stopping me from using a bike for everyday transport. Plus it's very stylish too!

Anne Goodall
Management Consultant

I chose a Tiller Rides Roaster because of its unrivalled design, the anti-theft features and extended battery range.

General Practitioner