Business eFleets

When you work in the business district, using a car to get to local meetings or running errands is notoriously difficult. From navigating peak traffic and parked delivery vans, to cramming into busy buses and sweaty trams, to the always-onerous task of finding a parking spot – only to realise it's a no-standing zone – there is rarely such a thing as a “quick” errand during the work day.

The Tiller Rides Corporate eFleet program addresses the many problems facing a mobile and connected workforce by enabling your team to quickly and easily get outside jobs done.  Whether they need to meet with a client or pick up documents from a subcontractor, our eFleet program will make it a breeze. 

In addition to being quicker than driving and parking or public transport, our eFleet also creates a happier and healthier workforce by enabling your staff to enjoy some time in the fresh air and providing a small amount of exercise during their day.