Benefits of Riding an eBike

The benefits of riding an eBike are many, so we are going to break it down into three broad topics:


  • Wellbeing & Fitness

With an eBike, you experience the benefits of riding a traditional bike -  such as being out in the fresh air, fitness improvements and ease of manoeuvring around town - plus the added bonus of electric assistance for those times you need extra power.  Tiller Rides uses torque sensor assistance technology, meaning the electric assist applies smooth power that feels like a natural extension of your riding effort.

Feeling tired or travelling to a meeting and don’t want to work up a sweat? Amp up the assist level to reduce your required effort. Riding home from work and want some exercise? Turn down the assist and get moving!  


  • Time and Budget

An eBike is powered by electricity - not petrol - which alone represents a huge financial saving for many - especially when charged from home solar power.  It can be parked securely nearly anywhere, removing the hassle and costs of inner city parking. 

If you drive your car to work, sit in traffic most of the way and struggle to find a parking bay, or catch a crowded bus or train, swapping to a Tiller Rides Roadster could make your journey quicker, cheaper, more convenient and more enjoyable.


  • Environment

You only need to ride a Roadster e-bike 1000 kilometres instead of driving a small car before you save enough greenhouse gases to offset the emissions associated with the entire lifecycle of the bike. If you charge your Roadster with solar power or clean electricity from your electricity provider the environmental benefits are even greater.