The Full Anti-Theft Functionality of the Roadster eBike. 

Stop bike thieves in their tracks with the Roadster’s in-built anti-theft system


The Roadster is designed to give its Riders full peace of mind from bike thieves.  When we say full – we mean full. We don’t want the bike to just have a good lock, or just send you alerts if it's moved; we want it to do that and so much more. Comprehensive anti-theft protection is an audacious goal and something we’ve worked tirelessly over 5 years of R&D to prove. 

To make the Roadster one of the (if not THE) most secure eBike we considered each step of a potential theft journey, and then created ingenious ways to counter each action.

Part 1: Quicktether cable lock

Most bikes are stolen by opportunistic thieves.  This occurs when there aren’t secure places to lock up your bike, or you don’t have a solid deterring lock on the bike.  To stop these easy thefts, the Roadster is built with an integrated stainless steel cable lock so you will never ride without a lock again.  Once you park, you can thread this lock around a barrier or through the rear wheel before securely locking it into the frame.

“But stainless steel can be cut Tiller” – we know.*  Think of the cable lock as the deterrent for opportunistic “grab n’go” type theft, and the rest of this article will go into how we block even the most determined of thieves. 

*PSA: even if the cable is cut, the locking pin will be stuck into the frame and sticking out ~1.5cm.  This will reduce the likelihood of a smooth and discreet getaway, and of course, increase the chance of the thief abandoning the bike bike theft altogether. 

Part 2: Motion-sensing alarms

Ok, old mate is determined: they have their bolt cutters, have clipped the Quicktether cable lock, and are starting to ride away. With a normal eBike, they can now just ride off with your bike scott-free and you may or may not get a phone alert that your bike has moved.  

Not with the Roadster. Not only is the cable lock flapping in the wind – creating a very uncomfortable ride – but the motion-sensing alarms are activating. 

Level one is a polite beep; think, a soft sound in case the movement was an accident. Level two informs the thief that this bike is equipped with alarms and GPS tracking. If that verbal warning isn’t enough, then level three starts with a warning “GPS location sent to my owner” and finishes with a siren. This siren will keep wailing until the bike is disarmed.  


Part 3: GPS 

Wow, they are seriously committed to this bike theft! Riding off with the cable wrapped around their legs and pedals and blaring siren they get home and need to quickly remove the GPS tracking. But who knows where it is? [Author’s note: I have no clue where it is and I work here].  To find it, they would have to drill into the frame and ruin the saleability of the bike. 

Part 4: Locked-in Battery

Underlying all this, the battery is locked into the bike, keeping the alarms and GPS powered. It cannot be stolen or removed until the bike is disarmed. 

Part 5: Digital Connectivity & “Find my Bike”

Meanwhile, our fully digitally connected eBike has sent a few pings to its owner’s phone to let them know that (1) the alarm has been activated, and (2) the Roadster has moved location. 

The Roadster owner is looking at their phone and able to see in the Tiller App where their bike has moved to.  They can now easily call the police to report a bike theft and direct the police to its location. 

Part 6: eVIN to stop unauthorised resell

But most likely, the police will need proof of ownership. That’s why the Roadster comes with an eVIN. The eVIN is stamped into the metal frame of the Roadster and located in a place where it cannot be grinded down without completely dismantling and destroying the bike. The eVin is then linked to the owner during registration on the Tiller App and is documented on our system as well. 

From opportunistic to determined thieves, we’ve designed the Roadster eBike to deter theft and make it extremely difficult to complete a theft and/or resell your bike.  Best part of it is that all these features come standard with the Roadster. They aren’t add-ons; rather they are integral components of the bike. We want to make riding an easy, accessible, and convenient choice for you – and we also want you to feel secure that we’ve got you covered. Order the Roadster.