West Cycle | Sept 2019

Fremantle startup leading global e-bike revolution

Fremantle startup Tiller Rides has designed a cutting-edge e-bike for urban riders wanting a healthy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to travel around their city. They’ve recently launched an ambitious equity crowdfunding bid on Birchal, to raise up to $3 million to set up production and meet demand for its Roadster e-bike.

Co-founder of Tiller Rides, Julian Ilich, is a designer, engineer, and behavioural change expert. His team has been road testing six beta bikes on Perth streets for the past four months and has already pre-sold more than 100 Roadsters.

“After two years of customer research, design, engineering, prototyping and testing, we’ve created an e-bike well beyond anything else offered in the world,” Ilich says.

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