The West Australian | May 2022

Tiller Rides Roadster put to the test in Fremantle

Pedalling around the streets of Fremantle is always a pleasure - especially under a blue sky on an autumn day on an e-bike. I'm riding a cool new Tiller Rides Roadster, which not only looks and feels right at home in Fremantle, but was conceived here. 

It's an unusual looking bike. The curvy smooth look and feel of the Tiller Rides Roadster takes its design cues from classic cars from the 50's and 60's.  It has a lightweight monocoque aluminium frame. The wide tyres and a comfortable seat compliments the frame beautifully and makes for a comfortable ride. It has a removable 756Wh lithium ion battery with enough power for around 80km of range at full assist per charge.

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