| Aug 2021

Julian Ilich has some huge ambitions – he wants to see at least one of his e-bikes in every home across Australia. He’s even more passionate about it after a landmark report revealed the shocking impact of climate change Australia, which has already warmed 1.4C. He sees e-bikes as part of the environmental solution to climate change.

The Perth resident, who is the co-founder of Tiller Rides, has spent four years developing a new e-bike called The Roadster. He describes it as Australia’s own Tesla of e-bikes, with advanced digital features that make other e-bikes “look like an old Nokia phone in comparison”, he claimed.

“Not only is it cheap to run, costing 20 cents to charge a battery that will last 95-100kms, it has insane features other e-bikes could only dream of,” he said.

“One of my favourite features is its connectedness – the bike has its own inbuilt sim card which connects back to our central database. Just like a Tesla, the Roadster can self-diagnose any problems it may be having, and we can often fix your bike remotely by sending updates.”

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