Bicycles Network Australia | July 2019

West Australian Ebike Brand Tiller Rides Seeks Everyday People for Investment – Interview with Julian Ilich.

Ebikes are all the rage and the West Australian brand, Tiller Rides is giving you a chance to be a part of it by investing into the business. For as little as $250, you can secure a small slice of the pie and not only are you rewarded with equity, but the unique Tiller Rides ebike is part of the clean and green ebike transport revolution.

If you have not heard of Tiller Rides, you could be forgiven as the brand has been been WA-centric and at this stage, Tiller Rides have 115 pre-orders and are preparing to move into production and delivery for customers.

The design and construction of the Tiller Rides bike is quite original and we asked Founder Julian Ilich about the design, details and functionality of the bike as well as about the approach to generate ‘crowd-investment’ and open up to everyday people.

The Bike – Original Design

Christopher Jones: The Tiller Rides bike has a very distinctive design, from a customer perspective, how does it better satisfy their needs compared to other ebikes on the market? On your website you discuss that you felt that a bike that combined the style and function you wanted didn’t exist, can you provide details?

Julian Ilich: Our goal all along was to create an urban transport bike that people would use more often than a regular bike. Every design feature, including the aesthetics, serves this purpose.


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