What makes the Roadster different from other eBikes?

Got eBike problems? We've got solutions. 

We designed the Roadster eBikes as outsiders, not part of the traditional bike manufacturing industry.  Looking at eBike design as a user first allowed us to think about it a bit differently. It granted us the leeway to look at the problems then devise solutions.

From aesthetics to technical components to product longevity, we're working towards solutions. In this blog, we will break down the key ways that Roadster differs from other eBikes on the market 

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Roadster eBike standing with stability due to double stand



Some people (not us!) see cycling as not very cool or socially acceptable. The Roadster’s stylish, innovative, one-piece monocoque frame suits all vibes. 
Clothing gets  greasy or dirty from the chain. Greaseless belt drive and internally-geared hub.
eBike motor is jerky and loud and the throttle clutters the handlebars. Smooth and quiet torque sensor based electric assist.
Bike stand is meh - either a weak single stand that lets the bike fall over when loaded or an unattractive bulky double stand. Low-profile, wide, retracting double stand for ultra stability.



roadster ebike rear carrier



Flimsy rear carrier doesn’t feel safe with my child on it or a large load.

Sturdy rear carrier with 50kg load rating that is connected to the main bike frame.


Anti-Theft Features

Quicktether cable lock on the Roadster eBike



Quick-release bike seat can be stolen. Roadster seat post is non-removable (and height adjustable!)
Worried about leaving the bike unattended in case of theft (or, you can't find the key to the bike lock).

Five-part keyless anti-theft system composed of:

  • Integrated Quicktether cable lock
  • Motion activated alarm
  • GPS tracking
  • Registered frame number that cannot be scratched off
  • Hole for a physical lock if you want extra protection




Roadster removable battery



Range Anxiety:

  • Worried about running out of battery
  • Having to charge often.
  • Having to always park near a power outlet

No-Range Anxiety:

  • Our lithium-ion battery (21Ah/756Wh) is made from premier cells (Samsung, Panasonic, LG or Sony) and is one of the longest-range batteries on the market.
  • The battery is discreetly located low in the frame and is fully removable for charging on or off the bike
  • 100% recharge in 8 hours.




Roadster hydraulic disc brakes



Unreliable brakes that don’t work well when you have a buckled wheel, are riding in the wet, or are out of adjustment. Self-adjusting hydraulic disc brakes located in the front and rear. 


  • Forgot to bring them
  • They weren't charged
  • Oops, I lost them 
  • Shining way too bright
  • Front and/or rear storage carrier blocks them

Auto-starting front and rear lights are integrated in a way that makes them visible even when carrying something in your carriers.

They are also powered by the main battery.

Tyres getting caught in cracks in the road and causing me to lose control.

Wide, 50mm, all-weather, puncture-resistant tyres that run at low pressure and are less prone to getting caught in cracks.

(Side note: in over 10,000km of test riding, we have never had a puncture on our tyres!)



Modern Connectivity

Roadster USB-C Charger near the handlebars



Phone running flat from using high power apps such as Google Maps while riding. Built-in USB-C outlet (phone charger) located near the handlebars for easy charging on the go. 



Sustainable Shopping

Man standing in front of Roadster eBike



Worried about replacement costs as you’ve read that many eBikes are often made of low quality batteries, spokes, switches and displays that only have a useful lifetime of three to five years.

Tiller Rides eBikes are made of high-quality components that are built to last.


These reduce the overall cost of ownership, minimises maintenance and repair costs, improves the longevity of the bike, and boosts the resell value (much like Apple products).


Learn more about the Tiller Rides Roadster eBike.