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A Ride That's Better.

“I searched endlessly for the perfect urban bicycle. When I found something beautiful, the functionality had been lost; if it was highly functional, it gave little consideration to aesthetics. Wondering if it was me, or a wider problem, I began asking other urban riders if they had the same issues - and they did. It was time to create the electric bike we wanted and needed,” Tiller Rides founder Julian Ilich.


Tiller Rides brings modern simplicity to urban riding, creating clean and user-friendly transport solutions with intelligent engineering, smart technology and beautiful design.


Skip traffic jams, park anywhere and save the planet from unnecessary car pollution with an e-bike developed by urban riders. Thoughtful standard features that others offer as accessories have created a two-wheeler that is convenient like a car, with the mobility of a bike.

Sean machining part of the Tiller Rides Roadster electric bike in our Fremantle workshop

A Fun Challenge
Becomes Serious.

It all began when three friends; a mechanical engineer, a 3D modeller and a graphic designer challenged themselves to design a bike that was both stylish and highly functional.

What began as a fun activity, soon became a relentless pursuit to create the ultimate super-bike to make urban riding easier for everyone.

Three years and three prototypes later, Tiller Rides are set to revolutionise the streets of your community.

Designed to benefit
your pocket & the planet.

Tiller Rides spends considerable time prototyping its products to ensure they are built to last and have minimal negative impact on the environment. At the heart of all new design development is the question; 'What is the net benefit; to people, their pockets, and the planet?'


As a Roadster owner, you would only need to ride your e-bike instead of driving a small car for 1,000kms before you saved enough greenhouse gasses to pay the emissions associated with the entire lifecycle of the electric bike.


Julian Ilich & Ray Glickman

Julian Ilich is a devoted urban rider, experienced engineer and sustainability enthusiast who, before Tiller Rides, persevered on his regular bike in conditions where others revert to cars. Believing there must be a better way, Julian focused his mechanical engineering credentials to create the ultimate urban two-wheeler. At Tiller Rides, Julian keeps the cogs turning (quite literally), while also leading the engineering and design teams. Catch him at most test ride events too.


Ray Glickman (published author and former CEO of the City of Fremantle) shares Julian’s vision and passion for sustainability. He loved the e-bike’s original design so much he decided to join the business. Ray leads Tiller Rides’ board and commercialisation.

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Tiller Rides was established to develop practical, beautiful and sustainable alternatives for urban transport.