Shipping and Warranty


1.Tiller Rides predicts that the Roadster Air will be available from Spring 2021. We estimate that the Roadster X and its retrofittable features will be available approximately 2-3 months after that. Delivery dates may change depending on the time taken to raise the remaining capital and manufacture the Roadsters. Additional X features that have been ordered to add to an Air will be shipped 2-3 months after the Air is delivered. Only DIY fittable accessories will be able to be shipped and a separate shipping fee will be required for that.

2. All Pre-Sales Roadsters will be delivered before the Latest Delivery Date unless a new delivery date has been agreed upon.

3. Pre-Sold Roadsters will be delivered by Tiller Rides to all Buyers requesting delivery to a location within your nearest Australian capital city. Buyers outside these areas must collect their e-bike from Tiller Rides’ warehouse or arrange delivery of their e-bike by other means. 

4. Four weeks prior to the actual delivery date, Tiller Rides will contact buyers and confirm details of their e-bike delivery.

5. Buyers must, within 14 days of being notified of their electric bike’s availability, arrange to receive the e-bike at their specified delivery location, collect their bike or arrange alternative means of delivery.



A number of warranties are being offered to ensure Pre-Order Buyers are happy with their Pre-Sales Roadsters. The warranties are:


  1. Money Back Guarantee: If for some reason the Pre-Sales Roadster are unable to be delivered, Buyers will receive a full refund of their Deposit plus any of the balance that has been paid. This refund will be provided within one month of the Tiller Rides Board determining and announcing that Roadsters cannot be delivered and resolving to return deposits. To give Buyers some comfort with this guarantee, Tiller Rides will hold all deposits in a Holding Account until the company is confident of production of the bikes and the Build Date has been announced. Only Investors’ funds will be used to perform all the engineering and design work to refine the design for manufacturing and tool up for production.

  2. Fix or Replace: Tiller Rides will fix any manufacturing related defects that are discovered in the first 2 years of ownership free of charge and if they cannot be fixed, the Pre-Sales Roadsters will be replaced with another Roadster. If a replacement is provided, the Pre-Sold Roadster will become the property of Tiller Rides. 

  3. Tiller Rides must be informed of any warranty related defects. For this reason, if a warranty related or other defect is discovered, the Buyer should immediately notify Tiller Rides of such defect so assessment and remedy can be arranged. Buyers must therefore not carry out any remedial work to a warranty related defect without first obtaining consent from Tiller Rides.

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