Lead Product Engineer (Mechanical)

Advertising opened: 28 Jan 2021 

Applications close: TBA

An opportunity to be part of the urban transport revolution

Ever wondered how you would go diving in and working for a start-up developing innovative products that will be sold worldwide? Being there at the start and one day looking back to say “I was part of that!” We're looking for a new team member passionate about and experienced in product design and manufacturing who is customer focused and can assist with our transition to mass production.

Tiller Rides was founded back in 2016 to help address emerging problems in our cities such as car congestion, declining health and wellbeing, and expanding environmental footprints. With this in mind we have created our first product - a cutting-edge e-bike for urban riders wanting a beautiful, healthy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to travel around their city.
As part of our pre-sales campaign we welcomed 200 riders into our rider community and have now raised over $2.1 million in investment to design and produce the bike. Now we are looking for some more experienced hands for the final steps before we can trigger full scale production.


About the role

Our Roadster e-bike is like no other bike on the planet.

We have just commenced a final design refinement process and require a talented Product Engineer  with experience in the design of products for mass production to work along with our design team and assist with transition to large scale manufacturing.

The position would suit a creative, multi-skilled and practical person who has experience in mechanical design, mechanical testing, and understands a range of manufacturing processes and is able to liaise with manufacturers to improve manufacturability of components and close out quality issues.


This is an exciting opportunity to play a leading role in a growing company that is set to become a well known global brand in the next couple of years.

Applicant skills


The skills and experience needed to perform this role include:

  • Personality, Passion and Team Player - we want someone who can work well in a team environment, is passionate about making a difference in the urban transport area, and has a personality that other team members enjoy interacting with.

  • Initiative and Self-Directed - Team members must be self-directed and take initiative to do what is needed to get the job done.

  • Ready to go - have the qualifications, experience and commitment to make an immediate contribution

  • Engineering - strong grasp of engineering and ability to perform routine mechanical engineering calculations such as friction, strength, complex geometry etc. FEA skills will be viewed favourably too. 

  • Design for Mass Manufacture

    • Experience in the design of a complex mechanical product from initial concept through to mass production is important.

    • Experience or knowledge in the following production techniques would be favourable:

    • Die-casting;

    • Die-cutting;

    • Plastic Injection molding;

    • Sheet metal pressing;

    • Welding;

    • Product Assembly;

    • Design of water proof parts (IP66 and above)

  • Manufacturing Management - Able to liaise with offshore and local manufacturers to improve manufacturability and resolve any manufacturing issues.

  • 3D modelling - All our engineers and designers need to speak  3D so you must be able to create your own 3D models throughout the design process - we use Autodesk Fusion 360 (Which isn’t hard to learn for Inventor or Solidworks users)

  • Mechanical Drafting - experience in creating complete 2D manufacturing drawing packages that are dimensioned, toleranced and include all critical finishing information. 


How to apply

If the opportunity to join the Tiller Rides crew excites you and you fit the criteria, please email crew@tillerrides.com with the following information: 

  1. A short cover letter to introduce yourself and explain why you would like to join the Tiller Rides crew.
    A tailored short CV that details your experience and skills relevant to this role.
    A simple portfolio that shows images etc of several mechanical products you were involved in designing and taking into mass production - and highlights the parts that you designed.

If you have any questions about the role or the application, please call Rob Jamieson on 0423 585 931 or email crew@tillerrides.com