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Updated: Mar 6, 2020

What sets a Roadster apart from other urban eBikes

It is not uncommon for someone to check out our Roadster at an event and then a week or so later, after doing the rounds of the other local e-bike shops, come back and pre-order one. When we ask why they chose the Roadster they almost always tell us that for getting around town nothing else compares. If we ask them to go into a bit more detail on their reasons they tend to give us a version of the following.

The sleek design and stylish frame

The first thing they usually say is that the Roadster not only has more useful features than any other urban e-bike they have seen but is also more stylish. They often tell us that on first glance they thought it was a new stylish bike design and didn’t realise it was electric or had so many features seamlessly integrated. We explain that this achievement was made possible by designing the Roadster from the ground up with firm style and function goals. This is very different to most other electric bike companies where electrics and other features have essentially been added to an existing bike design. Sometimes we explain how our ground up design process began with research into the features urban riders needed to enable them to ride more often and then we designed around those requirements. Central to that achievement was the Roadster’s world-first hollow monocoque frame that either hides features internally or has been shaped so they attach on the outside with minimal effect on style.

The anti-theft system

The next thing customers usually mention is the integrated cable lock and motion sensing alarm and GPS tracking system. There are two things they love about these unique features. The first is that they will no longer have to carry around a heavy lock. The second is that because they know the alarm system will message them if anyone tampers with their bike they don’t worry about leaving it out of sight for long periods of time. For those that we meet who have had a bike stolen, or don’t use their bike for certain trips for fear of it being stolen, this feature alone is a godsend.

The clever, integrated LED lights

The other integrated feature that is a big drawcard are the lights. Those who want to use their e-bike to go out at night, or to get home late from work, love how they will no longer have to find, charge, carry, and remember to remove their lights at the end of their trip. Some customers tell us how they did find a few other electric bikes with inbuilt lights but that they all looked like a bolt-on afterthought instead of being designed in like on a Roadster.

The low-maintenance, grease-free belt drive

A feature with unanimous appeal but that is also rare to find on another e-bikes is the grease free belt drive. This type of belt-drive is not possible on a standard bike frame but was designed into the Roadster to enable people to ride without risking a grease stain on their pant leg, skirt or dress. An added bonus of being grease free is that unlike a chain, there is almost no cleaning or maintenance.

The on-board puncture tyre repair kit

For those customers who already ride regularly and know the fear of getting a flat tyre, the onboard tyre repair and inflation canister is one of their super features. Interestingly we have yet to meet anyone who has found another electric bike with any form of inbuilt tyre repair. This means that if you don’t ride a Roadster you will need to either never get a puncture (good luck) or carry some form of tyre repair with you all the time - even though with modern tyres like our puncture resistant Schwalbe flat tyres are rare.

The stable and supportive double stand

Riders who pre-order a Roadster to help them carry heavy things, such as children and shopping, usually talk about how a key feature for them is a wide double stand that stops their bike from falling over when loading it. They often tell us how they have looked high and low for a bike with a double stand that isn’t a huge bulky thing hanging off the bottom of the bike. They therefore love how the Roadsters stand is wide and supportive but elegantly folds away up against the frame.

The long-range battery

Another feature that experienced e-bikers mention as a key reason they chose a Roadster, is the long-range battery. Having experienced range-anxiety many times on their last e-bike, which only did 40-50km on a charge, they love the fact that the Roadster’s battery is 30 - 50% larger and will take them more than 80km on full power. This means they can go further and with less worry about running out of power.

As you can see from our customer feedback our Roadster has a host of features that most other electric bikes don’t have - and style as well. Most customers have a few favourite features but it is the ability to have all of them in one e-bike that makes so many choose a Roadster. What features would you like your e-bike to have?

By Julian Ilich, Co-Founder of Tiller Rides

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