Why a Preorder?

If we could change anything about how we operate, it would be to magically blink our Roadster to your front door! Sadly, we can’t do that so we’d like to take a few minutes to explain why the Roadster is currently sold on Preorder. 


First, a bit about us: 

Tiller Rides is a startup on a mission to improve human lives and the planet through transforming the way we get around our cities.  We have a global vision and are funding the realisation of this with private investment.  To create our first product, we spent the last 5 years asking urban riders what they wanted from an eBike, then designing, prototyping, and beta-testing the Roadster to ensure we had created the very best Ride. 

In 2020 we began establishing our production line and are now in the final stages of tweaks to ensure we can run it continuously. The first Roadsters arrived in Australia in March 2022, allowing us to start fulfilling orders to over 250 (pre-2022) preorders. We estimate that most of these pre-2022 preorders will be delivered by July 2022.  

Big thank you to our early investors and believers! 

So, when is delivery? 

While we are rolling out these pre-2022 preorders, our production line is continuing, allowing us to start rolling out the new preorders (your preorder) from June onwards.  

There are a few factors, however, that make it difficult to estimate the exact Delivery date:

  • Sharp increase in global petrol prices has created surging demand for eBikes 
  • A global shortage of components and raw materials which is causing longer manufacturing times,
  • A shortage of maritime containers which generates additional transport costs and delays.
  • Ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns in our manufacturing location which intermittently  impacts production and transport. 

We can only produce a set amount of eBikes at a time, so there is a bit of a queue based on when the preorder was placed.  We will update the Product page regularly with delivery estimates.