Referral Program

The Tiller Rider Community exists to foster connection and a sense of community amongst its Riders.  Beyond the common thread of owning a Tiller Rides electric bike or any of our future micromobility products, we want to bring our Riders on the journey to a healthy, more sustainable future. 

The first level of this community is our Referral Program that allows current Roadster Owners and Preorder Customers to earn money or credit for helping others discover and buy a Roadster. For Riders who already have a Roadster, referral fees are real cash that is payable when the referred Roadsters are paid for and delivered. For Preorder Customers, Referral Fees are stackable credit to put towards the Final Purchasing Price of your Preorder Roadster. 


What do we mean by this?

  • Every Owner and Preorder Customer of a Tiller Rides Roadster will automatically receive a Referral Code via email after purchase. Share this Code with friends, family, neighbours - whomever you wish! 
  • Buyers (your friends and family) who use your Referral Code to Preorder their own Roadster will perceive $75 off the Final Purchasing Price of their Roadster. 
  • We will also give Owners $75 in cash when the referred Preorder is fully paid and Preorder Customers get $75 of stackable credit to use towards the Final Purchasing Price of their Roadster.  
  • When a Preorder customer's  Roadster is close to Delivery, we will begin preparing final invoices, from which we will deduct all your Referral Fees. 
  • Since the Referral system is stackable, if you successfully refer about 54 people, your Roadster will be FREE ... yes Free!*


*Less Delivery costs and any other fees.  Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information. Referral Credit ($75) cannot be applied to the Deposit. If you have any questions, please contact us at