Lithium-Ion Battery

The Roadster use a Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt ("NMC") battery.  It's cells are LG MJ1s. 
Fun fact: These are the battery cells used by NASA for their space missions - making them the best all rounder battery in and out of this world!

There has been some general confusion around Lithium Ion batteries and if they are good or bad. This stems in part from the fact that "Lithium Ion" has become a catch phrase that encompasses a wide range of battery chemistries, from our NMC battery to Lithium Ion Phosphate ("LFP") batteries. 

As this study shows, each type of Lithium Ion chemistry performs differently.  The LFP, for example, performs better with Safety, but underperforms for Cost, Specific Energy, and Specific Power.  Our NMC battery performs consistently across all metrics - Safety, Cost, Specific Energy, Specific Power, Life Span, and Performance.