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We're currently raising our 3rd Investment Round.

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Over $3.4 Million Invested So Far.

 Thank you to our 235 investors.

Join the Urban Riding Revolution

Over the last three years, we've raised over $3.4 million from more than 230 investors to begin making urban transport cleaner and healthier. So far we have created a world-leading urban e-bike, secured over 200 pre-sales, locked in an outstanding manufacturer.


Over the last year, our talented design team have been refining the Roadster's design for mass production and as of early May 2021 all parts are now being tooled ready for production. We are now only a couple of months away from turning on the production line and rolling Roadsters out onto city streets.


To enable us to purchase all the parts required for the first production run we are raising a third investment round of up to $3.375 million, of which we have already raised $1.1 million in tranche one in late 2020. 

 Previous investment has paid for all the costly R&D and tooling leaving this second tranche of round three to fund the inventory required to run the production line and generate first revenues. 


 With the business so close to revenue, and an expected large valuation and share price lift, combined with selling our unrivalled product into a booming global e-bike market makes the current round an incredible investment opportunity.


If you have more questions or are considering a large investment please watch the investment summary video above and contact someone from our investment team today.


Thank you for your interest in Tiller Rides.


Julian Ilich & Ray Glickman

Co-Founders, Tiller Rides­

Darren Cooper, Tiller Rides investor

"Any investment is obviously about the financial return, but with Tiller Rides, I was also attracted to the social good that the company is going to do" 

- Darren Cooper, National President of the UDIA, Ex-CEO of Blackburn and Tiller Rides investor

Why did we crowdfund the second round?

Tiller Rides decided to use equity crowdfunding for the second investment round because this method not only raised significant capital but raised our brand profile right across Australia - right at the time when we are bringing our product to market.

Last chance to get in on the ground floor.

 With Tiller Rides on the verge of production, it's the ideal time to invest.