Why should I pre-order one now?


Tiller Rides is a Western Australian startup that has been designing its innovative Roadster electric bike for over three years to get it to production level. To get it this far, over $1 million dollars has been raised but more will be required to set up for production.


To raise this money our investors want us to have made 150+ sales. To ensure the business can raise this investment money as soon as possible, we need to make these sales as soon as possible.


This is why people who pre-order a Roadster electric bike today will automatically join our Founding Riders club. Members of this club will get their name on the website, get first access to special offers and special events in the first two years and any other ways we can think of to thank them for their critical support.


Where can I purchase a Tiller Rides Roadster e-bike?


Tiller Rides Roadster e-bikes can be purchased online through the Tiller Rides website.

The Roadster electric bikes are currently available for pre-order at a significantly discounted price. A deposit of $350 is payable initially to reserve your Roadster. This deposit will be held in a special deposit holding account until you are required to pay the remaining balance when manufacturing commences. Deposit can be made by credit card or via PayPal and is processed securely.


By pre-ordering a Tiller Rides Roadster, you’re supporting the growth and establishment of a revolutionary world leading Australian business with an invention that will take to the world stage once the first production run is complete.


What are the benefits of riding an electric bike?


Riding an electric bike is great for your wellbeing and budget, and is an environmentally sustainable transport option too. You experience the benefits of riding a traditional bike such as fitness and ease of manoeuvring around town, plus the added bonus of electric assistance for those times you need extra power.


Tiller Rides uses torque sensor assistance technology, meaning the electric assist applies smooth power that feels like a natural extension of your riding effort.


Feeling tired or traveling to a meeting and don’t want to work up a sweat? Amp up the assist level to reduce your required effort. Riding home from work and want some exercise? Turn down the assist and get moving!  


If you drive your car to work, sit in traffic most of the way and struggle to find a parking bay, or catch a crowded bus or train, swapping to a Tiller Rides Roadster could make your journey quicker, cheaper, more convenient and more enjoyable.


Environmentally, you only need to ride a Roadster e-bike 1000 kilometers instead of driving a small car before you save enough greenhouse gasses to offset the emissions associated with the entire lifecycle of the bike.


How is a Tiller Rides Roadster different to other e-bikes on the market?


The Tiller Rides team is made up of experienced riders, designers, engineers and technicians who have spent extensive time engaging riding enthusiasts and reluctant riders to understand the common problems urban riders face. After more than three years of research and prototyping Tiller Rides has created the ultimate urban transporter that incorporates unrivalled features in an attractive, light-weight and cost effective design.


  • Cycling not perceived as cool or socially acceptable for adults.

  • Unable to store needed tyre repair or rain protection in place on the bike where it can’t be stolen.


  • Stylish, innovative, one-piece monocoque frame with built-in, lockable storage space


  • Quick release seat being stolen


  • Non-removable anti-theft seat post


  • Unable to carry necessary cargo.

  • Riding with a backpack results in sweaty back

  • Carriers are bolted on so provide only one carrying option..


  • Electronically locked click-on-click-off rear carriers (box, pannier rack and child carrier).


  • Fear of running out of battery power

  • Having to charge battery often

  • Having to park bike near power outlet..

  • Bike unstable due to high centre-of-gravity.


  • Removable long range 19 Ah (690 Wh) battery located low in the frame and charged on or off the bike via magnetic charging port.


  • Brakes being unreliable due to buckled wheel, wet wheel or being out of adjustment.


  • Self-adjusting disc brakes front and rear


  • Pant leg and clothes getting chain grease on them.


  • Greaseless belt drive and internally-geared hub


  • Bike falling over while it is being loaded with shopping or children.

  • Bulky double stand hanging off the bottom of the bike detracting from aesthetics.


  • Low-profile, wide, retracting double stand.


  • Expensive bike being stolen

  • Unable to leave the bike unattended

  • Losing the key to the bike.


  • Five-part keyless anti-theft system composed of a physical lock, quick lock cable, alarm, GPS tracking and registered frame number.



  • Phone running flat from using high power apps such as google maps while riding.


  • Built in USB outlet (phone charger)


  • Riding with phone, wallet and keys in pockets or purse slung around neck.


  • Deep multi-use front carrier to store personal items in.


  • Forgetting to bring lights, lights not charged when needed, lights lost, lights shining in car driver or other riders’’ eyes or lights blocked by objects in front or rear carrier.


  • Integrated lights at the front of front carrier and behind rear carrier that are powered by the main battery.


  • E-bike motor is jerky and loud and the throttle clutters the handlebars.


  • Smooth and quiet torque sensor based electric assist.


  • E-bikes are often made of low quality batteries, spokes, switches and displays that only have a useful lifetime of three to five years.


  • Tiller Rides e-bikes are made of high-quality components that reduce ongoing hassles and overall costs of ownership and improve the longevity of the bike. A Tiller Rides e-bike is a bike for life.

Where are Tiller Rides Roadsters made?


Tiller Rides Roadsters are designed and engineered in Perth, Western Australia and will be manufactured at world-leading facilities in China. Our manufacturing partners have been carefully selected for their proficiency and expertise at producing the Roadster's parts with scale, precision and attention to detail.


Delivery and availability


Which countries and regions do you ship to?


Tiller Rides is based in Perth, Western Australia but will set up distribution centres in other capital cities across Australia over the next two years.


What is the delivery time?


The pre-sold Tiller Rides Roadsters are expected to be rolling out from mid to late 2020. This may extend if delays occur in manufacturing.


Founding riders who pre-order will be informed of the exact delivery date as it becomes known.


Do I need to pay for shipping?


Delivery of your Roadster electric bike is free to Perth metropolitan addresses. Western Australian buyers based outside of this area will need to collect their e-bikes from the nearest distribution centre or pay a delivery fee


Buyers in other Australian capital cities will pay a $50 delivery fee unless a distribution centre is set up in that city where it can be collected from.




What range will I get on a Tiller Rides Roadster electric bike?


The Tiller Rides Roadster is fitted with a long range 19 amp-hour (690 watt-hours) battery pack.


On full power this will enable the bike to be ridden approximately 80km on Full Power and much further on Low and Medium levels of assist. Range will be dependent on number of hills and wind strength.


How long does the Roadster's battery take to charge and how do you charge it?


The battery takes 9 hours to fully charge - an overnight charge. The battery can be charged on the bike or easily removed and charged. The charger simply plugs into everyday power outlet. There is an integrated a battery level display so you can monitor battery level and usage.


Is the battery protected from theft?


The battery is electronically locked into the bike when the anti-theft system is armed.


Will the other functions of my Tiller Rides Roadster work if the battery is flat?


The Tiller Rides Roadster has a secondary battery that will ensure your lights, alarm and GPS tracking still work (for a period) if you fully deplete or remove the main battery.


How do you use the anti theft system?


The Tiller Rides Roadster is keyless and can be armed and disarmed using a code punched into the control switch on the handlebars or via the connected app (i.e. you don’t need the app to disarm or arm it).


How do you turn a Tiller Rides Roadster on and off?


To conserve power and ensure you get maximum range, the Roadster electric bike turns itself off when it has not being used for a length of time. A simple press of a button on the handlebars will turn it back on.


What is the maximum riding speed?


The Tiller Rides Roadster's motor has 250W of power and three levels of assist (and off). The power assist cuts out at 25 kilometres/hour, as per the requirements of the Australian and European design standards.


How much does the Tiller Rides Roadster weigh?


Electric bikes generally weigh between 20 and 30 kg depending on battery size, wheel size, frame material and number of built in features. The Roadster weighs 25 kilograms including all its built in features and attachments. This relatively light weight has been achieved as a result of careful engineering of the aluminium frame (just 3 kg) and the other components (mostly aluminium).


What are the benefits of the Roadster's monocoque frame?


Monocoque frames debuted in the car-racing industry. This type of frame enabled them to be very strong but also have a streamlined, efficient and visually pleasing form.


Tiller Rides is the first company in the world to take this innovation and apply it to the traditional bike to create a strong and stylish frame that is hollow and so can house the extensive features.


The light-weight, aeroplane-grade aluminium monocoque frame safely houses a removable battery, alarm and GPS tracking electronics, Quicktether cable lock, locked storage compartment, integrated display, lights, motor controller and all cabling in the Roadster e-bike.


Guarantees and warranties


What warranties and guarantees are included?


All Roadster e-bikes come with a 100% money back and fix or replace guarantee.


To understand what’s covered and what’s not, view the Terms and Conditions.


Accessories, parts and servicing


How can I order parts and accessories?


By the time the Tiller Rides Roadsters are on the road, riders will be able to easily purchase parts and accessories through the Tiller Rides online shop.


Where can I get my Tiller Rides Roadster serviced?


Many of the parts of the e-bike, such as tyres and brake pads, can be serviced by any bike shop. The future Tiller Rides website will also enable riders to find other nearby riders who are experienced in performing simple service procedures and arrange to have them perform the service.


For complex servicing, the Western Australian service centre is located in Perth, WA. Western Australian buyers outside the Perth metropolitan area are required to return their electric bike to this location should any major servicing be required.


Tiller Rides service centres will be set up in other major capital cities in the first two years. Up until those centres are established, servicing will be performed by trained service partners, by shipping assemblies or by returning your bike back to the nearest Tiller Rides service centre.


What accessories are included?


A Tiller Rides Roadster has an unrivalled set of useful features that make urban cycling easier, more convenient and more cost-effective. View all 20+ integrated features on The Ride webpage.


What additional accessories can I add to my Tiller Rides Roadster?


Tiller Rides will bring out a range of accessories over the first two years based upon customer demand. In the pipeline already are:

  • A closable front carrier for use by office workers that will safely carry a laptop or tablet.

  • A click on click off rear carrier seat for children that are too old for the standard child seat but not able to ride their own bike long distances yet.


Other carrier options will be released over time.